Hi, i’m Julia and welcome to Zero Wasting PH! I started this blog in January 2017 to document my zero waste journey in the Philippines, as well as my struggle towards a more mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle.

I consider myself a Nature-loving person. When you’re on a mountain, between bushes and rocks, or under the sea, that’s when you realize that Nature doesn’t need us at all. (Heck, it can go on without us; it is better off without us.) It is always a humbling and spiritual experience.

And because i love Nature, i always hated seeing trash in the mountains and in/by the seas. The photo i use as my blog’s logo or display picture was taken in June 2016 in White Island, Camiguin. This handful of trash was from one of those personal cleanup drives i do whenever i climb a mountain or go to the beach way before i began zero wasting.

I always hated it when people litter in the mountains, in the seas, and even in the streets of Manila. Why don’t people throw their trash properly? Why don’t people care? But when i stumbled upon a video of Lauren Singer and her then three years’ worth of trash, i realized that i wasn’t dealing with my own trash properly either: i’ve always thrown my trash in the proper bins but they end up in landfills anyway, trashing my beloved oceans just the same. I didn’t care enough. Ever since, i saw my trash in a new perspective: trash isn’t something that just happens; it is a direct and concrete outcome of my choices, habits, and lifestyle. Since then, i wanted to do things properly, to truly care. And so here i am on this journey.

Zero wasting has been challenging and sometimes stressful now that i am conscious of my trash, but i find it even more stressful–and actually, morally burdensome–to not even try. I set up this blog for two reasons: 1) to document my progress and failures and be accountable for these and 2) to reach others, especially Filipinos, who are also interested in becoming a kinder human to the planet. So if you’re such human, hi and welcome to this blog! I hope you find this blog helpful. Also, let’s share ideas, tips, and experiences!

An important note

All opinions in this blog regarding a product/brand/company are solely mine. I do not receive any compensation from anyone for these views. Zero Wasting PH is not a paid/PR blog.


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