This year, i’ll go zero waste!

First of all, welcome to my blog! I don’t know what brought you here but i hope it’s because, like me, you also care for the environment. I also hope that you visit this blog once in a while because i promise to update this as much as i can. I have never successfully maintained a blog before, but this time, i solemnly swear that i will post an entry at least once a month.

Secondly: about this blog. Going zero waste is my 2017 New Year’s Resolution No. 1 and this blog documents my zero waste journey. I say journey because it’s going to be a slow and long process. That is why the name of this blog is “Zero Wasting”–to indicate doing and becoming. It’s an active work in progress. This journey has actually already begun last year. But that part of the journey was mostly preparation and education. And it’s only now–after studying and researching about waste, stuff, consumerism, and sustainability amidst all the lows and highs and plateaus of the eventful year that was 2016–that i feel confident enough to embark on the journey and share my experience with others. I told myself: this time, there are no excuses.

By learning about the zero waste movement, i don’t mean merely reading stuff and not doing anything. No. Part of the education was application. As such, i have been practicing waste reduction since last year. But it has been a slow and frustrating progress. I have failed many times and have resorted to convenience along the way. But i’ve had a couple of small accomplishments: last year, i bought only two plastic bottles of water and that was before i bought a canteen which i now bring with me everywhere i go. I’ve also kept most of my trash made of paper and cardboard–like used paper (used on both sides), receipts, bus tickets, post-its, chocolate boxes, soap and toothpaste boxes, envelopes (plastic windows removed), calling cards, tickets to cinema and plays/musicals (’cause what’s the point of keeping them?), coupons, tags on clothes–in my paper recycling bin (which, btw, i just turned over to a junk shop first week of 2017). In addition, i’ve rejected straws and plastic spoons and forks in most of my dine-outs, i’ve made it a habit to refuse plastic bags and freebies, i’ve brought a baunan with me for take-outs, i’ve bought secondhand clothes, and–and this is my fave–i’ve used a menstrual cup! The latter is the high that got me to decide instantly that i’m finally and officially going zero waste and will blog about this journey.

Finally, I hope you join me in this journey. If you are from the Philippines, let’s help each other out. Let’s share struggles, experiences, alternatives, and solutions. Let’s show everyone, through example, that zero wasting is cool and possible in this beautiful country. 🙂


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